Ceno Schoolwear

Ceno Triko has been conducting its activities on schoolwear as well as women’s and men’s tricot productions since 1999.

Ceno Triko, which has its totally peculiar collections, prepares special collections particularly for schoolwear, women’s and men’s tricot in line with customer demands.

Ceno Triko produces for domestic and foreign markets with its wide range of product, color and thread cartel. Ceno Triko which makes exportation to England, Russia and USA keeps on establishing its substructure in order to enter new markets.

Ceno Tricot uses total quality control principle in all stages of production.It makes production with an aesthetic understanding which can easily be distinguished from other companies with its quality raw material, fastidious productions, and peculiar collection.

There are knitting machines consisting of mashirey numbered  one 5gg-one 7gg-one 10gg-ten  12gg-two 14gg design computers, confections and washing department company. Its monthly production capacity is 30.000 pieces of tricot.

Our collections are registered.